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The Red Tea Detox Program Review

The product at a glance




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  • Useful for everyone!
  • In just 14 days, you can feel the astonishing difference in your body.
  • You’ll find everything you need to know to make it work and succeed.
  • The benefits of both the tea and the detox have been proven through generations.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.


  • There is no hard copy.
  • The tea has small amounts of caffeine. Also, some people might get anxiety if they don’t eat their toxins. Be mindful and don’t push yourself.

The Red Tea Detox Program is a weight loss regime that teaches you the secret West African red tea that is a proven way to stop hunger cravings and melt away 1 pound of fat every 72 hours, naturally, effortlessly, and safety.

It’s not a fad diet or some weird gimmicky nonsense that never actually works – it’s just a tea infused with secret ingredients that have been proven to work.

It is 100% safe and natural regime and recipe, and the ingredients are easy to find at your local grocery store or health food store. But of course, you get a whole lot more than just a The Red Tea Detox Program recipe.

What is The Red Tea Detox Program?

A tea that has been proven to stop hunger cravings and help you melt away up to 1 pound of fat every 72 hours without having to workout and starve yourself? The Red Tea Detox Program is a natural weight loss regime that is highly focused on getting a secret West African red tea into your day to help boost your body’s natural fat burning capabilities while also curbing cravings to help you eat better.

The tea even shrinks your fat cells, which is done through the unique combination of ingredients that help remove toxins that have built up in your body and blocked your metabolism.

Now, you get a whole lot more than just a red tea recipe when you opt for this program. It comes with an abundance of valuable information that teaches you about your body and how toxins affect your weight loss, and how the tea will help, as well as recipes, different ways to enjoy the tea, rules to burning more fat, nutrients your body needs and much more.

Once you purchase, you receive immediate access to The Red Tea Detox Program, where you can go in and download content onto your  laptop, tablet or phone:

    • The Main Guide
    • 10 Free Delicious Red Tea Recipes
    • Bonus: The 5 Detox Methods of Fabulous Celebrities
    • Bonus: 100 Great Tasting Green Smoothie Fat Loss Recipes
    • Bonus: The Ultimate Super Food Guide for Super Health
    • Bonus: Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis
    • Bonus: How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally Book
    • Bonus: Calcium Lie 2 Book

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with this program which gives you two months to try it out! You just can’t go wrong with that and once you see how great tasting the tea is and all the benefits that come with it in as little as 72-hours, you have ample time to decide.

Overview of The Red Tea Detox Program

The Red Tea Detox Program is a comprehensive system that is much more than a recipe for the secret West African red tea. While it’s highly focused on the ingredients in the tea and how to get the fat-burning and weight loss benefits into your day, it also educates you on your body and why the red tea works.

It gives you the information needed to make smart choices for your health and weight loss goals, recipes, a four-phase system to follow, mindfulness and motivation activities and more.

Here’s a sneak peek inside the program:

    1. Toxins and You
      1. Where are Toxins Found?
      2. Toxins in Food
      3. Toxins in Water
      4. Toxins in Air
      5. Toxins in Soil
      6. Toxins in Synthetic Materials
      7. Toxins in Self Care Products
      8. Fat and Toxins: A Deadly Connection
    2. Why Detox with Red Tea?
      1. Understanding the Body’s Detoxification System
      2. How Red Tea Supports Detox
      3. Reasons That Make This Tea so Powerful
    3. Rapid Detox and Weight Loss
      1. What Can You Achieve
    4. Debunking the Diet Industry: The Real Truth About Detoxification and Weight Loss
      1. How Fat Happens
      2. Few Points to Clarify
      3. Fat Loss the Red Tea Way
    5. Introducing the Red Tea Recipe
      1. Start to maximize the Power of Fasting
      2. The Formula
      3. How to Make the Red Tea
      4. More Ways to Enjoy Red Tea
      5. Tips and Tricks
      6. Meditation: A Tool for Taking Your Detox to the Next Level
    6. Understanding Nutrients: What Your Body Does and Doesn’t Need
      1. Back to the Basics with the Big Three
      2. Protein
      3. Protein Supplements; Your Ally for Rapid Weight Loss
      4. Fat: Eat a Little, Burn a Lot
      5. Essential Fatty Acids
      6. Carbohydrates: Simple vs. Complex
      7. Fiber: Get the Right Amount
      8. Fruits and Vegetables: The Miracle Fiber
      9. Water; Why You Must Drink Enough
    7. Metabolism: It’s Easier Than You Think
      1. What Affects Metabolism
    8. Follow These Rules to Burn Fat Faster
      1. (4 Secret Rules are Revealed)
    9. How to Increase Catecholamine Levels and Lower Insulin
      1. Reducing Calories the Right Way
      2. Short-Term Fasting
      3. Why Cut Carbs?
      4. Fasting Doesn’t Equal Starvation
      5. Exercise: The “Magic” Way to Burn Fat Even Faster
      6. Combining Exercise with a Low Carb Diet
      7. What to do About Stubborn Body Fat
      8. Fat-Burning Supplements
    10. Faster, Easier Fat Burning
      1. How to Use Short-Term Fasting
      2. Going Low-Carb
      3. Not About Fat
      4. Four-Phase Red Tea Diet System
        1. Preparation
        2. Preparation Methods
    • Supplements
    1. Determining your BMR
    2. Creating a Calorie Deficient
    1. Research Proving the Effectiveness of a Fat Fast
    1. Continuing Weight Loss and Keeping on Track After the Detox
      1. Add Super Greens and Shakes
      2. Keep Working Out
      3. Follow the 3-Pound Rule
    2. Using Mindset, Motivation and Willpower to Transform your Body
      1. Regroup
      2. Put Your Goals on Paper
      3. Keep a Journal
      4. Motivation for a Successful Detox
    3. How to Use The Red Tea Detox Program Workout and Skyrocket Your Metabolism
      1. Take a Quick Walk Each Day
      2. The Importance of Consistency
      3. Resistance Training
      4. Remember to Warm Up
      5. Timing your Resistance Training Workouts
      6. Various Types of Workouts
      7. Extra Fat-Burning Exercises

How does the Red Tea Detox Works?


Red Tea Detox “overrides” your fat cells to open up from their mitochondria. This helps release stubborn fat and shrink your fat cells. It causes your body to activate its natural ability to burn fat, a built-in superpower you might not have used in years.

The detox reduces toxicity in your body, which unclogs your cells. In doing so, they become more sensitive to new nutrients. When you take the tea, you stimulate your body to promote a healthier hormone balance.

Now, the detox comes in again, with its healthy regime, which boosts your health since it can now reach your cells. What’s the objective?

Well, your cells can use sugar and fat as sources of energy. However, when we keep ingesting toxins, our cells tend to accumulate fat and only work with sugars and carbs.

However, as you unclog your cells and stimulate your metabolism, they require more energy. With the detox, you won’t have many carbs, so your body will turn to fat.

Then, it’s all magic from there! Your body will “relearn” how to use fat as energy. Also, as it does that, it will start expelling toxins stored in your fact.

Advantages of the Program

You can’t go wrong with a weight loss regime that is safe, natural, delicious, scientifically-proven to work and effortless.

You just need to enjoy the secret West African red tea recipe and if you want to spike your fat burning capabilities, the program provides you with exercises, mindset and motivation to do so. But all you really need to do is drink tea. That’s amazing.

The entire program is digital, meaning that you just go in and download the content onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to get started. This is really easy to do, but if you aren’t a tech-savvy person, the creator of the program has made a video for you so you can easily see how to click and download everything needed to get started.

There is also an option to download the program in an audio book which allows you to sit back and listen while also retaining all the information needed to succeed.

And who wouldn’t like guaranteed results with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee? Even if you’ll never think about returning the program one you get started (you won’t), it’s a nice confidence boost.

What Do You Learn From This Program?

A great thing about this guide is that it helps you learn to take care of yourself. As you stick to it, you’ll learn everything that works for you. Once you got that, even if you travel, you’ll know exactly how to take care of yourself.

  1. This tea actually helps you avoid rebound.
  2. Trigger your natural fat-burning hormones in only 4 hours after starting.
  3. Jumpstart your metabolism and positive hormonal balance.
  4. Lose weight, anxiety, cravings, and other unnecessary things.

Most programs focus on intense weight loss and asking you to be patient. On the other hand, this program asks you just to stick with it for 14 days, and then you’ll see the most impact.

In only two weeks, your body will start changing for the better.

The Author of The Red Tea Detox Program

Liz Swann Miller is the genius behind The Red Tea Detox Program. She is a Naturopath and best-selling author on Amazon that has helped over 14,000 men and women reclaim their health, happiness and life – the natural way.

She is also a professional weight loss expert who is highly sought after for her unique approach to obtaining optimal health, naturally and fairly effortlessly.


  • Useful for everyone!
    This program is excellent for anyone, regardless of gender or age. Although, children and people and people who are in dialysis should abstain
  • Only two weeks!
    In just 14 days, you can feel the astonishing difference in your body.
  • Get everything you need.
    Here, you’ll find everything you need to know to make it work and succeed. You don’t need to get anything else!
  • Ancient wisdom + modern science.
    The benefits of both the tea and the detox have been proven through generations. No, you can benefit from it too!
  • Try it, risk-free!
    There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the program.


  • There is no hard copy.
    You’ll need a digital device to access this program.
  • You’ll need to pay close attention.
    The tea has small amounts of caffeine. Also, some people might get anxiety if they don’t eat their toxins. Be mindful and don’t push yourself.


The Red Tea Detox Program is a unique weight loss and detoxification regime that is based on real science. It teaches you the secret West African red tea recipes, how to get it into your diet in different ways, the benefits of doing so and a ton of extra information you can use if you want to boost the benefits.

Add in the fact that you only have to drink a yummy tea to harness the power of this program and that you get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, and there’s no reason not to give it a try. You’ll love it.


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Originally posted 2020-04-02 20:11:26.

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