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EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

The product at a glance




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  • The guide includes plain language so that nonnative speakers can easily understand it.
  • You can apply the method easily.
  • You won't need to buy new batteries again and again.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Require some basic tools to start working.
  • You should be careful while handling batteries.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

EZ Battery Reconditioning gives you nine step-by-step systems that teach you the steps to fixing all types of batteries, so you can stop forking over a fortune on replacing them.

From household batteries to golf cart batteries, laptop batteries and more, this program is all you need to learn how to fix them, safely and easily. You don’t need any fancy equipment or even any knowledge about batteries either.

Just follow the steps to testing and reconditioning whatever battery it is that has died on you, and fire that bad boy back up.

And since EZ Battery Reconditioning has appeared on trustworthy media outlets such as CNN, DIY Network, Better Homes and Gardens and HGTV, I jumped at the opportunity. Here’s what you can expect when you do the same…

What is EZ Battery Reconditioning?

EZ Battery Reconditioning comes with nine different guides that teach you the exact steps needed to repair and reuse old and even broken batteries. Needless to say, the program is exceptionally comprehensive, covering a wide range of battery types and the many ways you can use the guides to save money and to even make money if you choose.

Let’s talk about what you receive when you get started:

    • Battery Reconditioning Guides
    • How to Recondition Lead-Acid Batteries
    • How to Recondition Lithium-ion Batteries
    • How to Recondition Golf Cart Batteries
    • How to Recondition AGM and SLA Batteries
    • How to Recondition Nickel-Cadmium Batteries
    • How to Recondition Rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries
    • How to Recondition a Forklift Battery
    • How to Recondition Laptop Batteries
    • How to Recondition Alkaline Batteries
    • Exclusive Free Bonuses
    • Free Updates and Lifetime Access to Everything
    • VIP Premium Newsletter

And in addition to the main program, you get some bonuses for absolutely free:

    • Recondition Old Cell Phone Batteries
    • Tip to Extend the Life of Your 9v Batteries and Trick to Turn One 9v battery into Six AAA Batteries
    • How to Start a Battery Business at Home
    • Battery Maintenance Service Plan
    • EZ Savings Guide
    • Free Waterproof Hybeam Mini Flashlight
    • Free IstaBlade
    • Free Everstryke Match
    • Special Members Only Offers

With all of these awesome guides + bonuses, you have everything you need to start reconditioning a vast array of batteries to start saving money and to even make money if you choose to turn your newfound knowledge into a business.

Since everything is digital, you don’t have to wait or pay for shipping. You just download the content onto the tech device of your choice, such as your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This allows you to have the program with you whenever and wherever you are, whether it’s fixing the golf cart at the cottage or household batteries at your home.

Overview of EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide

EZ Battery Reconditioning is a comprehensive system that teaches you the exact steps needed to fix and reuse old and even broken batteries. The program covers a wide range of different battery types – from regular household batteries to laptop batteries, car batteries, and more. If something has a battery, you’ll find how to fix it with this program.

To give you an idea of how easy the guides are to follow even if you know absolutely nothing about batteries to begin with, here’s a sneak peek inside one of the guides:


Lead-Acid Battery Reconditioning Guide

    1. Background of Lead Acid Batteries
    2. Personal Safety Measures
      1. Precautions Regarding Environmental Safety
    3. Lead Acid Battery Types
    4. Inside of a Lead Acid Battery
      1. Basic Parts/Areas in a Lead Acid Battery
      2. Amount of Cells in a Lead Acid Battery
    5. Sulfation and Its Effect on a Battery
    6. Tools Required for Working with Lead Acid Batteries
    7. Testing Lead Acid Batteries
      1. Test 1: Voltage Testing with No Load
      2. Test 2: Load Testing
      3. Test 3: Hydrometer Testing – Testing Each Cell
        1. How to Access the Cells of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (Drilling and Resealing)
      4. Test 4: Check Each Battery Cell’s Voltage
    8. Ho to Recondition Lead Acid Batteries
      1. Method 1: Appliance of an Equalizing Charge
        1. Easy Way: Use Automatic Equalizing Mode on a Battery Charger
        2. Manual Way: Apply An Equalizing Charge
      2. Method 2: Add Chemical Additives to the Battery
      3. Method 3: Other Desulfating Methods
    9. Proper Ways to Maintain Lead Acid Batteries

All of the nine guides have the same quality of content and instructions, so although this is a look inside only one of them, it is what you can expect from the rest.


You can’t go wrong with being able to fix old batteries because they’re darn expensive to replace. Batteries can easily break the bank – even the little AAA ones, and having the ability to fix them is great. Add in the fact that you now have the knowledge needed to fix a vast array of batteries and you can turn this into a new side-hustle.

I also really enjoyed how easy the guides were to follow. You didn’t need any fancy equipment or any knowledge about batteries to get started. This means that anyone and everyone can start saving money by fixing their old batteries which is a huge advantage.

Additionally, having the program in digital form served as a huge advantage as it allowed me to have EZ Battery Reconditioning with me wherever I went – and since you never know when a battery will die, this was great!

I also can’t complain about the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Knowing that you know two months to try the program out is a great confidence boost, especially if you don’t know if you have what it takes to fix batteries (you do because it’s easy!).

How EZ Battery Reconditioning Program Works?

This battery reconditioning product works simply. Firstly it demands you to remove the battery which you need to repair.

It is recommended that you should wear safety equipment like gloves and eye protection to protect you from battery acid. Also, make sure that all the power supplies to the battery are not connected.

Once you have done the battery removing task, clean up the battery. You will learn the exact method of cleaning the battery through this program.

The program guides you using a brush or wool for any dust. After that, you need a multimeter to notice the condition of the battery. There is no use in recovering a damaged battery.

The multimeter will give you an idea of whether the battery is damaged or fine. However, you might also require a hydrometer for this method.

Multimeter and hydrometer work together to give you the exact state of the battery. The ebook has a separate portion teaching about the usage of both the device. So if you don’t know how to use them, you can learn it from the ebook.

About Tom Ericson, The Author of EZ Battery Reconditioning

Tom Ericson & Frank Thompson are the two big names behind the battery reconditioning product. Both of them are experts in reconditioning old batteries.

They were tired of spending a lot of dollars on new batteries, so they decided to learn the method of reusing the old batteries. However, after researching and working,

Tom came to know the secret formula of giving life to dead batteries. Using the formula, Tom and his partner Frank determined to launch a product to help other people.

Their Battery Reconditioning program has supported people to save thousands of dollars. After using the program, people are familiar with making the old battery a new device instead of purchasing new batteries again and again.

Benefits of Using the EZ Battery Reconditioning

Recover Batteries

The program can teach you to recover ten types of batteries. You can give life to dead laptop batteries, car batteries, mobile phone batteries, and many other battery types.

Also, it doesn’t demand any prior electrical knowledge from its buyers. Even if you are a nontechnical person, you can still apply the techniques given in this reconditioning program.

But if you don’t know much about the electrical field, then you should be careful while operating the batteries. Try to plug out all the battery connections and use protection while handling it so that it doesn’t cause any damage to you.

Battery Business

The program includes Frank’s Battery Business Guide, which teaches people how to start a business using batteries.

In this guide, Frank has revealed the secret that he used to make a six-figure income using old batteries. The technique is still working, and you can also use it to make a lot of money.


  • The guide includes plain language so that nonnative speakers can easily understand it.
  • You will learn the art of giving life to dead batteries.
  • The program carries pictorial information so that you can apply the method easily.
  • Now you don’t require buying new batteries again.
  • The program will guide you on how to use different electrical equipment.
  • It will help you to save thousands of dollars.


  • You will require some basic tools to start working.
  • You should be careful while handling batteries.


EZ Battery Reconditioning is a comprehensive system that teaches you easy steps to fixing batteries of all sorts.

It gives you all the information needed to safely test the batteries before going in and reconditioning them, offering you a safe and easy way to save a fortune of money by repairing batteries instead of always having to replace them.

And with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose by joining the 19,000 other people using EZ Battery Reconditioning.


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Originally posted 2020-03-11 10:26:29.

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